Mary Sheldon
CDT - Ceramics
Employed for 28 years
Pat Morgan
Waxing Technician, Porcelain, Emax, and Diagnostic Waxups
Employed for 25 years
Stacey Patterson
Employed for 8 years
Denture Technician
Dentures, RPD’s, Tooth Inventory

Shaun Broadus
Employed for 9 years
Certified in Laser Welding
Head of Model & Metal department
along with Fabrication of
Biteguards, splints, and surgical guides.
Jarrod Patterson
Employed for 8 years
CDT - Dentures (Complete)
Dept. manager/Technician
Dentures, RPD’s, Implants

Nick Sumpter
Employed for 7 years
Implants, Scanning, Full Milled Zirconia
Mostafa Duek
Employed for 10 years
Procera and Waxing Technician
Jay Ritchie
Employed for 5 years
CDT - Dentures (Complete)
RPD Technician
Dentures, RPD, Flexible RPD, Biteguards

Brian Brock
Employed for 20 years
CDT, Porcelain Technician, Custom Temp Farbricator

About Us
Welcome to Gaines Dental Lab, Inc., established 1976. Our website will provide you with informaton regarding some of the products and services we offer. We pride ourselves on everything from our model work to our finished product, delivered in a timely fashion to our dentists. Some services we offer are conventional crowns and bridges, implants, custom implant abutments, Procera, porcelain laminate veneers, pressed crowns and pressed onlays. We like to have a personal relationship with our dentists, so everyone feels welcome to make suggestions on how we can always provide a better product for the patients. Thank you for visiting the website, and do not hesitate to leave e-mail or call for more information at 859-268-8103.

Our Staff
Miles Gaines

Jennifer Whitaker
Office Administrator
Employed for 20 years

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