Implant overdentures are indicated for patients who desire a more stable prosthesis that improves retention, function and speech.

Maxillary or mandibular overdentures have an acrylic base, metal internal substructure, premium denture teeth, and a stud type attachment on the implants.
Locators by Zest
ERA’s by Sterngold
O-ring ball attachment
Bar Overdentures

Bar overdentures utilize a bar with attachments where the denture is removable by the patient.
Bar types:
CAD-CAM titanium
Cast metal - gold alloy
Laser welded
Hybrid Denture
(Screw retained)

A screw retained hybrid denture is an implant supported method commonly used to permanently retain dentures  utilizing implants as a type of "anchor" for retention and  stability.

Hybrid frameworks:
CAD-CAM titanium
Cast metal - gold alloy
Laser welded - titanium
Denture Teeth

Heraeus Kulzer
Premium Grade - Mondial, Mondial I
Economy Grade - Artic 6

Other brands offered if Dr. prefers:
Portrait IPN
Ivoclar Vivadent
New Hue
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Denture Base Acrylic

Premium Grade - Ivoclar Vivadent SR-Ivocap
Economy Grade:
  ♦ Lucitone 199
  ♦ PalaXpress Ultra

All prosthetics are processed using injection molding. This results in a stronger and more dense acrylic. This provides an excellent prevention against staining, odor, and fracturing of the denture base.
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