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Diagnostic Wax-Up Information
Surgical Stent

Restorative problems with less than desirable implant placement can be challenging. Fabrication of a surgical guide stent can help placement of dental implants. This surgical guide can enhance implant placement in an efficient and acceptable manner so that final restorations can be properly contoured and esthetic.
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Purpose: A diagnostic wax-up can provide a valuable communication tool for dentists, patients, and laboratory technicians prior to treatment. It also serves as a guide for preparation and temporary design, and is utilized as the final restorations are being fabricated at the laboratory. Diagnostic wax-ups can provide the following:
A 3-dimensional visual communication tool that dentists can use to discuss with the patient regarding the design of their upcoming restorations.
A communication tool between the laboratory technician and dentist prior to and during treatment, where preparations, case design, esthetics, and patient feedback during the temporary stages are discussed and modified as needed prior to final restorations being completed.
A guide for reduction and a tool to fabricate temporaries. Patients are able to "test drive" their new smiles and dentists can modify the temporaries, providing additional information to the technician that can enchance the final outcome of the case.